Medical Examiner Confirms Death of Hollywood Agent’s Son’s Wife, One Month After Husband’s Murder Charges


In a recent development, the medical examiner’s office has officially confirmed the unfortunate demise of the wife of a prominent Hollywood agent’s son. This confirmation comes over a month after the agent’s son was charged in connection with his wife’s tragic death, as well as the deaths of her parents.

According to an online record from the Los Angeles County medical examiner’s office, Mei Li Haskell’s date of death is listed as November 8. This is the same day when authorities previously reported the discovery of a woman’s torso in a Los Angeles dumpster. In a puzzling turn of events, the official record has indicated that the place of death for the individual in question is a parking lot. However, it remains unclear how authorities were able to ascertain the unfortunate demise of the individual.

Samuel Haskell, the husband of the individual in question, has been taken into custody by law enforcement officials. This arrest comes in the wake of a disturbing incident where a torso was discovered in a dumpster on November 8th. Authorities have successfully traced the origins of this gruesome discovery back to the residence in Los Angeles that the couple, along with their children and the individual’s parents, resided in.

The police have made an assumption that the unidentified torso discovered does indeed belong to Mei Li Haskell.

It has come to light that Mei Li Haskell’s parents, Gaoshan Li, aged 71, and Yanxiang Wang, aged 64, are currently reported as missing. However, it is worth noting that Mei Li Haskell herself has been charged with three counts of murder. These charges are directly linked to the unfortunate deaths of her parents, as well as her own demise.

The cause of death of Mei Li Haskell is currently being investigated, as stated in the online record provided by the medical examiner’s office. According to the record, the manner of death is not specified.

CNN has reached out to the Los Angeles police for comment regarding the ongoing investigation. CNN is making efforts to determine the identity of Haskell’s present attorney.

According to inmate information records, Haskell, aged 35, is currently being held without bond.

Haskell, the son of Emmy-winning producer and Hollywood agent Sam Haskell, has a notable lineage in the entertainment industry. His father, known for his work as an agent for esteemed figures such as Kathie Lee Gifford, Whoopi Goldberg, Dolly Parton, George Clooney, and more, has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on Haskell’s upbringing.

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Tragedy Strikes at Haskell’s Residence

Prosecutors have revealed that a day laborer, who was among the four workers hired by Haskell on November 7, made a shocking discovery last month. The laborer, tasked with removing heavy black plastic trash bags from Haskell’s residence in the Tarzana neighborhood of Los Angeles, stumbled upon body parts when he opened one of the bags. According to prosecutors, the worker made a call to 911 and reported the discovery.

According to the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office, on the same day, an individual reportedly witnessed and captured photographs of Haskell disposing of a sizable trash bag into a nearby dumpster near his residence.

On November 8th, an individual discovered a bag while searching through dumpsters. To their shock, the bag contained the torso of a woman.

According to a news release from the Los Angeles police, investigators have revealed that they received a call regarding a torso and subsequently obtained crucial information that directed them to the residence of the suspected individual. The details that prompted the arrival at the residence remain uncertain.

During a November news conference, Los Angeles police Detective Efren Gutierrez revealed that at the residence, authorities discovered “blood evidence and other items,” as reported by CNN affiliate KABC.

Samuel Haskell resided alongside his wife and three children, accompanied by his in-laws. According to the Los Angeles police, the children have been located and are currently under the care of their family members.


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