Miami Police Quash Tales of 10-Foot-Tall Alien and UFOs at Shopping Mall


As it happens, 2024 didn’t get off to a strange beginning after all.

On New Year’s Day, Miami police put an end to wild reports that a 10-foot-tall alien was prowling the Floridian metropolis. The conspiracy theory quickly gained traction on social media.

The department declared on Friday that there were no ETs, UFOs, or aliens.

The rumors began when a video appeared on the internet that purportedly showed a huge figure walking outside Bayside Marketplace, a downtown Miami shopping center, as dozens of police cruisers with flashing lights encircled it.

However, police claim that the blurry, close-up footage, which was recorded from multiple levels above, is not at all unearthly.

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Miami Police Address False Reports Amid Social Media Hype

Miami police put an end to wild reports that a 10-foot-tall alien was prowling the Floridian metropolis.

It’s a walking shadow of a human. The guy at the bottom of the shadow is visible, according to Officer Michael Vega’s account.

Other officers would be hiding behind our cars with our rifles, shotguns, and handguns out in case there was any kind of creature.

Reports of over fifty young people fighting in the mall, some of whom may have been armed with sticks, were the true reason for the heavy police presence.

A lot of people inside the mall fled in fear that a shooting had started because the rabble-rousers had also let off pyrotechnics.

The gathering would not leave, not even when the police arrived. While some of the numerous responding cops dealt with crowd control that was in distress, others worked with the children. Businesses had to temporarily close due to the chaos until law enforcement could remove the troublemakers.

For generating the enormous difficulty, four youths were taken into custody. But the straightforward response didn’t really stop the gossip from spreading on social media.

Some said that the surrounding airports were closed, while others stated they lost WiFi or electricity in the hours after the incident. Miami Police verified that all of these claims were untrue.

The #MiamiAlien is still trending on X five days later.


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