NYC Mayor Eric Adams Denies Firing Gun at School, Contradicting Account in His Book


Even for Eric Adams, whose challenging childhood played a significant role in his journey to becoming mayor of New York City, the story of his close encounter with a school shooting was truly terrifying.

According to his 2009 book, “Don’t Let It Happen,” Adams recounts a chilling incident that took place at school. While hanging out with a group of friends, they were suddenly confronted by someone brandishing a gun. As a young person, Adams was convinced that the weapon was a fake.

“I aimed what I believed to be a toy gun at my group of friends and pulled the trigger,” the passage states. “A round was fired, and miraculously, due to my lack of marksmanship and divine intervention, the bullet narrowly missed my companions.” The incident left me so terrified that I immediately let go of the gun and sprinted away.

However, during a news conference on Monday, Adams denied the occurrence of the dramatic encounter, which was brought to attention in an article by the publication Byline.

He stated, “I never was a student who fired a gun.” “The co-author of the book may have misinterpreted” an incident “where someone mistakenly believed they were pointing a toy gun,” he added.

Adams then mentioned that the book didn’t make it into print because it hadn’t gone through the proof-reading process.

However, the book, which lists only Adams as an author, is currently available for purchase on Amazon and the Barnes & Noble website. Adams was even shown a physical copy of the book on Monday. It was also featured in a cover story in New York Magazine in 2021, as well as in a profile by Politico in 2022.

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Mayor Adams Unaware of Book’s Release

According to a spokesperson from City Hall, the mayor was unaware of the final version of the book and only recently discovered that it had been made public.

“The mayor has already reached out to the publisher, who is actively working to remove the book from circulation,” stated Charles Lutvak, the spokesperson, in an email. According to him, the mayor collaborated with a writer for the book, but he chose not to disclose the writer’s identity.

In 2009, Adams, a former NYPD captain, served as a state senator representing Brooklyn. The book’s back cover states its purpose as helping parents identify signs of potential harm in their children’s activities.

The book was published by Xulon Press, a company known for their expertise in self-published Christian titles. Xulon Press is owned by Salem Media Group, a prominent conservative publisher. No responses were received from Xulon on Monday.

Spanning 150 pages, the book offers practical guidance to readers on various topics, including teenage pregnancy and alcohol abuse. It even delves into the realm of identifying your child’s hidden weapons, reminiscent of an instructional video that Adams would later create.

Adams often highlights his humble upbringing, sharing stories of growing up in South Jamaica, Queens. He recalls praying for snow as a child, as it meant he would have something to drink when his home’s water was temporarily shut off.

However, certain personal stories, which can be challenging to confirm, have come under scrutiny. He has acknowledged to The New York Times that the incident he described in a 2019 commencement address, which involved a neighbor, actually occurred to another individual. He has been questioned about slight alterations he made to a frequently recounted tale of being assaulted by the police during his childhood.

In 2020, Adams wrote a cookbook that highlights the benefits of “plant-based” recipes. However, after two years, he admitted to occasionally consuming fish, even though he previously identified as a vegan.

“Don’t Let It Happen,” his first book, includes a colorful cover featuring a revolver in a pink lunchbox, as well as a forward credited to Adams’ longtime domestic partner, Tracey Collins.

In the introduction, the author provides readers with an assurance: “All of the incidents in this book are true.”


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