Virginia County Acknowledges Undercount in 2020 Election, Shorting Joe Biden’s Tally


An admission has been made by a county in northern Virginia regarding the underreporting of President Joe Biden’s margin of victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. The county has revealed that approximately 4,000 votes were not accurately accounted for, providing a detailed account of the errors that were brought to attention in 2022 during a criminal case.

The Prince William County Office of Elections has recently made an admission, following the dropping of charges against the county’s former registrar, Michele White, by prosecutors from the Virginia Attorney General’s office.

Counts in races for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives were also inaccurate, although the discrepancies were smaller.

In a statement, the county’s current registrar, Eric Olsen, highlighted that the errors had no significant impact on the results of any race. He acknowledged that these mistakes were not biased towards any particular party or candidate, but rather attributed them to inadequate planning, challenging election conditions, and human error.

In the presidential race, there was an error in the county’s vote count. Biden’s tally was mistakenly reduced by 1,648 votes, while Trump’s count was inaccurately inflated by 2,327 votes. The 3,975-vote discrepancy in the margin of victory was insignificant in a race that Biden comfortably won by 450,000 votes in Virginia and by over 60,000 votes in Prince William County.

Democrat Mark Warner received 1,589 votes less than he should have, while Republican Daniel Gade was also shorted by 107 votes. Warner secured a commanding victory, garnering over 500,000 votes across the state.

In a U.S. House race, Republican Robert Wittman fell short by 293 votes. He emerged as the clear victor with a commanding lead of over 80,000.

The information disclosed on Thursday provided the most comprehensive update regarding the mistakes since White’s initial arrest in 2022 on charges of corrupt conduct, making a false statement, and neglect of duty. The charges against White were unexpectedly dropped by prosecutors from the office of Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares. However, little explanation was provided for this decision, and the court records did not provide much information about the alleged misconduct.

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Revelations in Virginia Election Errors

It wasn’t until Thursday that the information about which candidates benefitted from the mistakes was made public. Olsen mentioned on Thursday that he faced limitations in providing further details regarding the mistakes due to the ongoing criminal case.

During a phone interview, Olsen mentioned that the majority of errors occurred in what are known as “split precincts,” where one precinct is shared by two different congressional districts. The county’s voting system did not allocate the presidential vote based on congressional district. They had to be split in that manner due to the state system. According to him, the errors arose while attempting to align the county data with the state requirements.

Several errors brought attention to flaws in the county’s validation process. According to Olsen, he became aware of the errors when he observed that Precincts 607 and 608 showed the same presidential vote counts. There was an error where data from one precinct was mistakenly entered into another precinct.

According to Olsen, the typo was quite apparent. After taking over as registrar, he discovered irregularities from the previous administration and promptly reported them to state officials.

The case against White is the sole criminal prosecution initiated by a special Election Integrity Unit that Miyares established in 2022. Miyares’ office stated that the unit was established, in part, to address the concerns raised by Virginians during his campaign travels across the Commonwealth regarding our elections. Some critics, such as the NAACP, have expressed their belief that the unit was established with the intention of appeasing those who deny the election results.

Zachary Stafford, White’s attorney, stated that pretrial statements from a government witness disproved the allegations that White was responsible for the incorrect numbers, and that prosecutors prudently withdrew the charges. According to him, the county’s Electoral Board is responsible for certifying the election results, and White was unfairly blamed for any issues.

“The board certified incorrect results and they, along with the attorney general’s office, tried to shift the blame onto Ms. White for their errors,” Stafford stated in a written release.

The recent redistricting in Virginia has significantly decreased the number of split precincts, which had posed challenges for Prince William County in 2020.

Olsen, the elections official, assures that new procedures and systems have been implemented to ensure accuracy and prevent any mistakes.

“Mistakes can be unfortunate, but they can also serve as opportunities to demonstrate diligence and innovation in finding solutions.” “The findings do not suggest any deliberate effort to undermine the integrity of the electoral process, and the investigation into this matter concluded with that determination,” Olsen stated.


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