French Tourist Uncovers Massive 7.46-Carat Diamond in Arkansas State Park


A French tourist who made a pit stop at an Arkansas state park during a road trip this month stumbled upon an impressive 7.46-carat diamond. Julien Navas, a resident of Paris, made an exciting discovery at Crater of Diamonds State Park. While diligently searching the 37.5-acre area, he stumbled upon a massive rock on January 11th. State officials have confirmed the find.

He was in the US to witness a rocket launch in Florida before he had plans with a friend to explore Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

However, during his journey, he came across a renowned state park in the Razorback State that is famous for its dazzling attractions. Intrigued, he decided to take a break and explore the park, according to officials.

Navas, with experience in gold panning and fossil hunting, decided to rent a basic diamond hunting kit. After heavy rain in the area, he started digging through the mud in search of diamonds.

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From Exploration to Elation

Navas mentioned that the work was physically demanding, so by the afternoon, he focused on searching for anything that caught his attention on the surface.

After spending several more hours exploring and collecting potential treasures, he made his way to the park’s center to determine if he had indeed found something valuable.

An exquisite, richly-hued marble-like object has recently been identified as a remarkable 7.46-carat diamond. This extraordinary find marks the largest discovery at the park since 2020 and ranks as the eighth largest in the park’s illustrious history since its establishment in 1972.

The park stated that the diamond is approximately the size of a candy gumdrop.

“I am overjoyed!” he allegedly exclaimed upon discovering the expensive item he had acquired. I am consumed with sharing my discovery with my fiancée.

The jewel was named Carine Diamond after his partner, and he intends to have it cut into two diamonds. One will be for his fiancée, while the other will be for his daughter.

Over 75,000 diamonds have been found at the Crater of Diamonds State Park, starting when a farmer stumbled upon the first dazzling gems many years ago.

In 1924, a remarkable discovery was made during a mining operation on the land that would eventually become a state park—the largest diamond ever recovered in the US.


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