Oil Prices Dip at Week’s Start, Fueled by Hope for Diplomatic Resolution in Gaza


The trading of crude oil started the week with a decline, as Israel announced a temporary halt to its bombing in southern Gaza. This suggests a reduced risk of supply disruption.

Both Brent crude and West Texas Intermediate experienced a slight decrease as trade began in Asia. The decline may have been influenced by reports of another Houthi attack on a vessel in the Red Sea.

On the flip side, the oil market took a hit when the Iranian foreign minister made a statement suggesting that there may be a diplomatic resolution to the situation in Gaza.

The statement was issued following Hossein Amirabdollahian’s visit to Lebanon for discussions with high-ranking Hamas officials.

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Permian Production Projections, EV Growth Forecasts, and Red Sea Tensions

Plains All American Pipeline projected in its 2023 financial report presentation that Permian oil production would surpass another record this year, reaching 6.4 million bpd, according to earlier today’s Bloomberg report. This development is additional pessimistic information.

The report also highlighted a new oil demand forecast by Goldman Sachs, which emphasized the anticipated growth of electric vehicles in China, potentially impacting oil demand.

Furthermore, the Fed reiterated its lack of immediate plans for rate cuts, which is likely to maintain the oil price within a narrow range for now.

The Houthis, in a positive development, have reportedly attacked an additional vessel in the Red Sea, as reported by the Maritime Trade Operations authority of the United Kingdom. Earlier today, it was reported that a ship’s captain had sent a distress signal, indicating that the vessel had been struck by two missiles in the Bab el-Mandeb strait off the coast of Yemen.

Ships moving through the Red Sea continue to face ongoing attacks from the Yemeni Houthis, despite the efforts of the U.S. and the UK to retaliate against targets on land. There has been a significant shift in traffic patterns, particularly from the Middle East to Africa. This change is expected to have a positive impact on oil demand, as it now takes more than a week longer for shipments to travel from Asia to Europe.


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