Charged Ex-FBI Informant: Alleged Russian Intelligence Contacts Revealed in Bidens Case


An ex-FBI informant accused of fabricating a multimillion-dollar bribery plot involving President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and a Ukrainian energy company reportedly had connections with individuals linked to Russian intelligence, according to prosecutors in a court filing on Tuesday.

Prosecutors disclosed the reported contact while requesting that a judge keep Alexander Smirnov in custody until his trial. The individual is accused of making a false statement to the FBI in June 2020 regarding executives linked to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma allegedly paying Hunter and Joe Biden $5 million each in 2015 or 2016. This assertion has been a focal point of the Republican impeachment inquiry in Congress.

Smirnov is scheduled to appear in court later on Tuesday in Las Vegas. He has been detained at a facility in rural Pahrump, approximately an hour’s drive west of Las Vegas, since his apprehension last week at the airport upon his return from overseas.

In a statement released prior to the hearing, defense attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld requested Smirnov’s release pending trial “so he can effectively challenge the government’s power.”

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New Revelations in the Hunter Biden Information Spread

Prosecutors stated that prior to his arrest last week, Smirnov confessed during an interview that individuals linked to Russian intelligence were responsible for spreading information about Hunter Biden. The contacts Smirnov had with Russian officials were described as recent and extensive, with plans to meet one official during an upcoming overseas trip.

One individual with “affiliated ties to a specific Russian intelligence service” and “the son of a former high-ranking government official,” according to them, with whom Smirnov has had extensive communications. It has been stated that there is a significant concern that Smirnov might escape to another country to evade trial.

No official statement was provided by the White House regarding the claims made in the court filing on Tuesday.

Departing from Israel and the United States, Smirnov allegedly provided the FBI with a fraudulent report in June 2020, alleging that executives affiliated with the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma made $5 million payments to Joe Biden and Hunter in 2015 or 2016.

Smirnov had routine business dealings with the company beginning in 2017 and later made bribery allegations after expressing bias against Joe Biden during his presidential campaign, according to prosecutors in court documents. The individual faces charges for providing inaccurate information and fabricating a misleading document. The charges were filed in Los Angeles, where he resided for 16 years before moving to Las Vegas two years ago.

Smirnov’s statements have played a key role in the Republican push in Congress to examine the president and his family, leading to the current House impeachment inquiry into Biden. After the indictment was issued last week, Democrats demanded that the investigation be stopped, while Republicans emphasized that they would keep investigating based on the facts.

Hunter Biden is scheduled to provide a deposition next week.

The Burisma allegations sparked intense debate in Congress as Republican lawmakers seeking to investigate President Biden and his family called for the FBI to disclose the unredacted form detailing the allegations. They admitted they were unable to verify if the accusations were accurate.

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