These Are The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Seattle

These Are The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Seattle

The cosmopolitan atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and cultural landmarks of Seattle are well-known. But it’s not without its criminal problem; many rough areas have alarmingly high rates of violent crime. Keep reading to learn about the ten sketchiest areas in Seattle.

The vastness and diversity of Seattle make many people question the city’s safety. The crime rate in Seattle is 134% greater than the national average, even though there are plenty of safe neighborhoods. Problems with substance abuse and homelessness contribute significantly to Seattle’s crime rate.


The violent nature of Northgate makes it one of the worst neighborhoods in Seattle. There are 4,283 people living in this north Seattle area, and the crime rate is 414% greater than the U.S. average. Extremely high rates of theft and drug usage are the root causes of the area’s high crime rate. Assaults and robberies, which are forms of violent crime, are also prevalent.


With 5,133 residents, Atlantic is a neighborhood in Seattle’s Central District. At 10,612 per 100,000, Atlantic has a high crime rate, meaning that every inhabitant has a 10% chance of being a victim of some kind of crime. The median home price in Atlantic is $409,783, making it one of the most expensive sections of Seattle, despite the high levels of property and violent crime.

Sand Point 

Because of its extremely high crime rate—389 percent greater than the national average—Sand Point is among the least safe neighborhoods in Seattle. It would appear that Sand Point is not a hazardous neighborhood, but first impressions can be misleading. On the other hand, Sand Point has an alarmingly high violent crime rate of 2,862 per 100,000 residents.

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Central District

When it comes to Seattle neighborhoods, the Central District is right up there with the worst. 16,895 people are living there, and the crime rate is 166% greater than the U.S. average. There were 5,143 reported cases of property crime per 100,000 residents in the Central District. There is a high rate of robberies, drug usage, and small-time larceny in Central District. Homelessness is a major problem in this area of the city. Even though locals may be passing through this area frequently, they should nonetheless be careful.

Capitol Hill

With a population of 37,489, Capitol Hill is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the city. With its abundance of eateries, pubs, and clubs, Capitol Hill is a popular destination for tourists visiting Seattle. Notwithstanding this, Capitol Hill has a total crime rate that is 241% greater than the US average. Property crimes make up the bulk of the crime in this area, but the majority of locals still report feeling safe here.

Lower Queen Anne

As far as Seattle neighborhoods go, Lower Queen Anne ranks high for both property damage and theft. Burglary, auto theft, shoplifting, and house invasions are prevalent in this area. Assaults and robberies, which are violent crimes, are prevalent. The national average for the likelihood of being a victim of a crime of any kind is double for residents of this neighborhood.

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South Lake Union

Another sketchy area in Seattle is South Lake Union. Even though Google and Amazon have their headquarters in the vicinity, it is still not a safe place to live. With 10,648 crimes per 100,000 people, this neighborhood has a crime rate that is 350% higher than the US average. There is a problem with violent crime, although most crimes include theft or break-ins. It is not advisable to stroll alone on South Lake Union, especially at night.

Haller Lake 

Another potentially hazardous spot in Seattle is Haller Lake. The 8,563 residents of this north-central Seattle suburb surround a small lake. Theft, burglary, drug usage, and robbery constitute a large portion of the property crime rate, which is roughly eight times higher than the violent crime rate. The majority of Haller Lake residents are middle class or working class, but the area shares Seattle’s high cost of living with many others.

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Belltown is Seattle’s most violent area. Aside from its cheap housing, the neighborhood has a notoriously high rate of violent crime. The high crime rate is a significant drawback of Belltown, even though it is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in the city. With 10,468 residents, this area has a crime rate that is four hundred and eighty percent greater than the U.S. average. The violent crime rate in Belltown is alarmingly high, including robberies, killings, and assaults.

First Hill

With 12,112 residents, First Hill has a violent crime rate of 1,787 per 100,000. First Hill is among the most hazardous parts of Seattle, despite being one of the most affluent districts with sky-high rent. Theft and assault are prevalent crimes, and putting valuable possessions in your vehicle practically assures their theft. Regardless, many families commute into First Hill’s good school district.

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