19-Year-Old Sri Lankan National Charged with Murders of Six in Ottawa, Including Children


Ottawa, Canada, was left in shock and grief when news broke that a 19-year-old Sri Lankan national had been arrested in relation to the purported killings of six people, four of whom were children. 

Ottawa police announced the arrest and charges during a somber press conference held on Thursday.

Frank Desouza, reportedly a student in Canada, now faces six counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder, according to Ottawa police statements.

The harrowing sequence of events unfolded late Wednesday evening when Ottawa police responded to two 911 calls reporting a suspicious incident at a residence. Upon arrival at the scene, officers swiftly apprehended Desouza without any resistance, as detailed by Ottawa Deputy Police Chief Trish Ferguson during the press briefing.

The discovery inside the residence left the community reeling. Among the victims were Darshani Banbaranayake Gama Walwwe Darshani Dilanthika Ekanyake, 35, Amarakoonmubiayansela Ge Gamini Amarakoon, 40, Inuka Wickramasinghe, 7, Ashwini Wickramasinghe, 4, Rinyana Wickramasinghe, 2, and Kelly Wickramasinghe, a mere 2 months old, as confirmed by Ottawa police.

“The family were newcomers to Canada and are originally from Sri Lanka,” Ferguson disclosed, adding another layer of poignancy to the tragedy.

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Sri Lankan National Arrested for Alleged Murder of Six

As the investigation unfolds, the motive behind the heinous crime remains shrouded in mystery, leaving authorities and the community grappling for answers.

“There are a lot of questions about why this tragedy occurred. This is the focus of our homicide unit as they diligently investigate this tragic crime,” Ferguson expressed during the press briefing.

With the weight of such a profound loss bearing heavily on the community, law enforcement agencies are laboring tirelessly to uncover the truth while ensuring that justice is served. 

However, maintaining the integrity of the investigation remains paramount, as emphasized by Ferguson.

As Ottawa grapples with the aftermath of this devastating incident, the outpouring of support and solidarity from across the city serves as a beacon of resilience in the face of tragedy. 

The road to healing may be long and arduous, but the strength of the community shines brightly as they come together to mourn, support one another, and seek solace in the midst of adversity.

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