Ex-NFL Player poisoned pregnant girlfriend to kill her and unborn baby as per Nashville Police

NFL Player poisoned pregnant girlfriend to kill her and unborn baby as per Nashville Police

Nashville, TN: Charges have been filed against an ex-college football player who is now an NFL scout for poisoning his fiancée, resulting in the deaths of both her and her unborn child.

According to Nashville police, 27-year-old Blaise A. Taylor was apprehended in Utah on Thursday and is anticipated to be returned to Tennessee for extradition.

According to the police, in the evening of February 25, 2023, Taylor dialed 911. He allegedly requested paramedics after claiming that his girlfriend Jade Benning seemed to be experiencing an allergic reaction. Her health rapidly deteriorated. According to the officials, she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance by first responders.

Authorities said that the mother’s unborn child passed away on February 27, 2023. The claim was that Taylor was the biological father. Benning passed away on March 6, the day she would have turned 25, at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Taylor resigned from his position as scout for the Tennessee Titans in May 2023, as stated on his LinkedIn profile. Officers found out that following the deaths, Taylor relocated to Utah.

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As a senior defensive analyst, he became a part of the Utah State University football squad. In a press release dated July 28, the institution highlighted his tenure from 2014 to 2017 as a punt returner and state defensive back for Arkansas State.

However, prior to his Thursday arrest, that working relationship had already ended. Police now assert that, during one of her visits to her flat months ago, Taylor poisoned Benning without her knowledge.

Taylor was apprehended on Thursday by Deputy U.S. Marshals in response to a grand jury indictment, according to Nashville police. He faces two counts of first-degree murder indictment. According to the records, he is currently being held in Cache County, Utah.

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