Houston Weather Update: Possibility of encountering Severe Weather conditions this Weekend

Houston Weather Update: Possibility of encountering Severe Weather conditions this Weekend

Houston, TX: Houston is currently experiencing a temporary relief from the intense precipitation that permeated the region, following a particularly damp Thursday morning.

On Thursday, there was a possibility of severe weather, primarily in the form of hail, due to the early storms. Fortunately, the potential occurrence of hail did not materialize to the extent that it could have in the initial storms.

However, it is important to note that there remains a possibility of encountering severe weather conditions and more precipitation, as another series of storms is projected to pass over the region throughout the late evening and early hours of Friday morning.

In addition to the nighttime weather, there are still a few more intense storms occurring in the region.

It is anticipated that a subsequent assemblage of storms will form in the Texas Hill Country region, subsequently progressing towards the eastern vicinity of Houston. The consensus among computer models about this scenario has been consistent since the previous evening and remains consistent as of Thursday afternoon. The onset of storms in the Houston region is expected to occur from 11 p.m. on Thursday until 2 a.m. on Friday.

Although there has been a reduction in the likelihood of severe weather due to improved atmospheric stability, there remains a slight possibility of isolated occurrences of substantial hail and destructive winds associated with this group of storms projected to pass through overnight. Regardless, anticipate an increase in intense precipitation and the presence of strong winds to accompany this group of storms.

Thursday morning, Southeast Texas experienced substantial rainfall, but fortunately, the possibility of huge hail did not come to fruition.

The level 2 moderate chance of severe weather in southeast Texas has been reduced to a level 1 marginal risk. Nevertheless, there remains a potential risk of sporadic occurrences of substantial hail and destructive winds when more powerful storms form a cluster during the night.

Irrespective of whether individuals observe hail or destructive winds, the cluster of storms will be accompanied by substantial precipitation.

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