Ohio is Under the Control of These Five Most Dangerous Gangs

Ohio is Under the Control of These Five Most Dangerous Gangs

The economics, culture, and history of Ohio are all quite rich. But there’s also a serious problem with crime and violence there, and gangs make things worse. Here we will take a look at the most dangerous gangs in Ohio and how they impact the communities around them.


The 2hunnid gang first appeared in the early 2010s in the Ohio city of Dayton. The 2hunnid are a branch of the Bloods, a nationwide gang that originated in the ’70s in California. The wrath, brutality, and contempt for authority that characterize 2hunnid are well-known.

2hunnid has a checkered criminal past, having been involved in carjacking, burglaries, robberies, and shootings. Members of 2hunnid can be recognized by their jewelry, bandanas, and red clothing. In Montgomery County, 2hunnid has been associated with multiple homicides and vehicle thefts, making it a major source of concern.


Originating in Los Angeles in the 1980s, the international gang MS-13 (or Mara Salvatrucha) has now spread all over the globe, even to Ohio. The notorious MS-13 gang is known for its brutality and involvement in several criminal activities, such as human trafficking, drug smuggling, extortion, murder, and rape.

Members of MS-13 are easily identifiable by the distinctive tattoos that adorn their bodies and faces. MS-13 has fought with other gangs and authorities in Columbus, where it maintains a sizable presence.

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Hell’s Angels

A motorcycle club known as the Hells Angels has grown from its humble beginnings in California in 1948 to include chapters all around the world. The Hells Angels are a notorious motorcycle gang that is known for their involvement in criminal acts like murder, drug dealing, weapons smuggling, and racketeering.

Hells Angels wear patches with a winged skull insignia and are recognized for their devotion to the group and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In Ohio, the Hells Angels are well-established and have a history of bloody conflicts with rival motorcycle gangs like the Outlaws and the Iron Horsemen.

Latin Kings

Ohio is one of many locations where the Latin Kings gang has established a foothold since its 1940s inception in Chicago. Among the many huge and well-organized Hispanic gangs in the US, Latin Kings stands out for its strict hierarchy and codified set of laws. The criminal activities of Latin Kings encompass a wide range, from robbery and assault to graffiti and drug delivery.

Uniforms of black and gold, symbols of a five-pointed crown, and hand signals are the distinguishing features of Latin Kings members. The Vice Lords and the Gangster Disciples are only two of the Cleveland gangs with whom Latin Kings has fought over territory.

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Polish-American Organized Crime

When persons in the US, especially those of Polish descent, commit crimes together, it is called “Polish-American Organized Crime.” This is especially true in Ohio. Most of the activities of Polish-American organized crime include gambling, loan sharking, extortion, and laundering of funds.

There is a connection between the Polish-American organized crime group and the Italian-American Mafia’s Pittsburgh criminal family. Several Ohio areas, such as Youngstown, Cleveland, and Toledo, are home to Polish-American organized crime.

Final Words

The abundance of gangs in Ohio has cast a shadow over the state’s illustrious past and thriving economy. There are a number of criminal organizations that exacerbate issues of crime and violence in Ohio. Some examples include 2hunnid in Dayton, MS-13 in Columbus, the statewide Hell’s Angels, Latin Kings in Cleveland, and the Polish-American Organized Crime in Youngstown and Toledo, among others.

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