Teacher got fired from Job as her Side Hustle is rapping and making Music in Michigan

Teacher got fired from Job as her Side Hustle is rapping and making Music in Michigan

Lansing, MI: When she was not teaching history at Taylor Preparatory High School in the Detroit area, Domonique Brown was working as an aspiring rapper under the name Drippin Honey. Brown was employed during the school day as a history teacher.

That is, until she was terminated from her position at the school.

In spite of the fact that she was selected as the teacher of the month in December, Brown disclosed that a parent had expressed concern that she was a “bad influence” on her students due to the fact that she is a rapper!

According to Brown, the parent declined to be identified and did not provide any specifics regarding the aspects of her rapping that they found objectionable.

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Brown shared a song video that she had created with a few of her kids on her social media accounts this week, following the news that she had been dismissed.

Motown, baby, going crazy like the ’80s,” Brown rapped while dancing with her students in the video titled “Drippin 101.” Brown also danced with her students.

She continued, “My dedication, professionalism, and passion for education have always been unwavering, regardless of any personal pursuits I may have. It is worth noting that when I was hired as a teacher, my involvement in the music industry as a rapper did not hinder my candidacy. I was judged based on my qualifications, experience, and potential to positively impact the lives of my students. Yet, now, my commitment and contributions seem to be overshadowed by arbitrary judgments about my personal life.”

“What troubles me most about this situation is the lack of consideration for the impact and influence I have had on the lives of my students,” Brown said in a message that accompanied her video, making the announcement that she had been fired due to her rapping.

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She stated that she has been teaching for seven years and that she has received supporting petitions from more than two hundred students and parents.

The statement made by Brown indicated that she intends to pursue legal action against the school.

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