Massage Parlor Owners in Texas and New Mexico faces federal charges for providing Sensual Services

Massage Parlor Owners in Texas and New Mexico faces federal charges for providing Sensual Services

The United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas has announced that federal charges will be brought against the proprietor of massage parlors in which staff solicited s*x for monetary compensation.

A conspiracy to employ interstate travel in furtherance of racketeering operations was alleged to have been committed by Shaoping Wen, who is 64 years old, and Xu Wang, who is her colleague and is 41 years old.

The two individuals were taken into custody by law enforcement on March 21 in the state of New Mexico; these individuals had their first court appearance earlier this week in Las Cruces. Currently, they are awaiting transportation to Lubbock in order to “face justice” in a federal court located in the Northern District of Texas, according to a release.

Allegedly, Wen was the owner of at least seven massage parlors where Asian women engaged in sexual activity for business purposes. During the time that Wen was out of state, Wang, who claims to be Wen’s son, allegedly managed the convenience stores for her.

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Undercover law enforcement officers had at least ten massages at Wen’s parlors in Texas and New Mexico during June 2023 and February 2024. In most cases, they were greeted by women dressed in lingerie who offered them sexual services in exchange for extra sums of money, frequently ranging from $140 to $200.

“Several of the women allegedly used translation apps to negotiate sexual services,” according to the official press statement.

The women who were arrested for prostitution stated that they were Chinese citizens and claimed their occupation as “laborer,” according to the release. According to the allegations, Wen and Wang paid the cash bail for the women who were arrested.

A van driven by Wen was observed by law enforcement officers picking up Asian women from the airport and taking them to her massage parlors.

Some of the women’s neighbors asserted that they never left the building. The parlors were searched, and it was discovered that there were beds on the floors; the law enforcement officials believe that the ladies lived in the parlors.

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Another individual who was walking past the parlor stated that they heard a woman screaming. When the individual entered the parlor to check what was going on, he reportedly noticed three ladies between the ages of 30 and 50 wearing “provocative clothing,” as stated in the complaint.

The massage parlors that were advertised on websites that were used to advertise commercial s*x were eventually discovered by law enforcement.

“100% s*xy” girls who “like to spend time with nice upscale gentlemen” were touted in the advertisements, which featured women who were wearing barely dressed clothing. According to the release, the advertisements also highlighted the “girlfriend experience,” the “porn star experience,” and the notion that “fantasy outfits on request” were available.

They could be sentenced to up to five years in federal prison if they are found guilty.

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