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Coming out of the desert

on Friday, 29 December 2017. Posted in Faith

By Leslie B. Williamson

The Christmas season has somewhat faded away since the big day. Children are already growing bored with their toys, so they consume as much groceries as they can while the return to school stares them in the face.

After this winter break, a fresh new perspective for going back to school is something all of us, both parents and students can look forward to. The New Year is swiftly approaching and as faith-walkers and believers I am persuaded to believe that it’s time for us to take our day to day lives to another level. I see so many christians who are battered and worn out from the throes of life itself that I fear many won’t make it.

God has equipped us and prepared us to live victoriously in the earth, but we are sometimes blindsided and the breath is knocked out of us from time to time. Let’s make the approaching year, a step up rather than another circle in the desert.

There are so many good things waiting for us if we can access them the way God would have us to. The secret to this access is our mindset. The Lord gave us a declaration to speak over our lives at our church. Some have posted it on their refrigerators, others on their mirrors to be reminded of what we need to do to insure a more victorious way of thinking and living.

I’m sharing with you today as well so that you might benefit from the Holy Spirit transforming your way of processing your situation. Just read it out loud every day and several times a day until you feel it activate. This is the year of the beginning of my new mindset. No longer will I use the language of the adversary.

The words I speak over my situation and circumstances are from a heavenly vocabulary. The lack I experience is but an excuse to trust God more as I will not allow my enemy to rob me of my finances, family nor my health. I know my heavenly rights and will exercise them according to the will of God.

I will no longer allow the freedom I received from the death of Christ to be for naught because I agree with what the Word says about me. I will no longer agree with the lies that the enemy whispers in my ear. I have cut all ties with any diabolical alliances, agreements and covenants.

The blood of Jesus covers my every footstep and leads me to green pastures. I am seated in a heavenly position with Christ Jesus. I see things in a whole new perspective because my mind had been refreshed, transformed and renewed. I am a new creature in Christ. Every blessing to you all! ©12/21/17 LBW