Spiritual bullies

on Wednesday, 25 January 2017. Posted in Faith, Columns

By Leslie Williamson

As believers we must be acquainted and familiar with the lifestyle of a believer. But first let us determine what a believer really is. In my opinion, a believer is one who is in touch with his/her faith. They have had an intimate experience with the power of God by divine demonstration in their lives either directly or indirectly. There has to be something that has occurred to trigger the switch from being a “Christian” to being a “believer”. A believer can be shaken but not moved!

Most weekends, our home becomes the “Cousinville Ranch”. That’s when all the grands come to stay over the weekend. We eat, play games and just have a good time with them. The two eight-year-olds are always at it with each other when they come to stay. They love each other and simultaneously get on each other’s nerves.

They were both lying on our bed watching one of their favorite cartoons when #1 says to his girl cousin #2 that he was tired of watching that show and wanted to turn to watch something else. The whole time I was sitting there folding laundry and not caring what was on the tube. So #2 protested against #1 request to turn to his selection by screaming, “Grandmaaaa don’t let him turn”! #1 chuckles to himself and grabs the remote and pretends that he is turning the channel and each time he does (and there were many) #2 would squeal and cry and go into a fit. I observed, never saying a word and watching both of their reactions to each other. #1 loved seeing #2 cry and flail in despair. It did him all the good to see her reaction. He just laughed and laughed.

As long as I was there in the room with them, #1 only pretended to turn the channel. #2 reacted off of what #1 threatened to do but didn’t have to power to do because I was in the room. Immediately I saw what God was showing me. As long as God is with you (and He always is) the adversary does not have the power to do what he wants you to think that he can do. He will buffer you but he can’t harm you according to God’s plan. He will pretend to have the power over your situation, but he doesn’t have the power! When the devil does those things to make us panic and cry out to God for help because it “looks” like he has control, it fuels him! He loves to see God’s children worry and wring their hands in frustration and doubt. But the truth of the matter is….as long and our Father God is in control, Satan hasn’t the power to overcome us. So stop reacting to his threats.

Had #2 laid back and enjoyed her favorite show, she could have done so uninterrupted. This message is to you beloveds. Sit back and enjoy life uninterrupted. The enemy will come to buffer you and get a reaction from you. Don’t follow him up. Trust God and enjoy life on purpose. Cousinville Ranch is a happy place and I learn so much from those little people. I look forward to the weekends so that God can show up and teach me through them. Until next time… © LBW 1/18/17