The 11th hour

on Tuesday, 16 January 2018. Posted in Faith

By Leslie B. Williamson

Having written about the account of the children of Israel’s 40 year trek around the desert previously, I know that you are familiar with what happened. Their complaints and criticisms were purposely spoken where Moses, their leader could hear them so that he could feel the blame for their demise should it happen.

They voiced their grievances but my mind began to wonder, what were the children of Israel saying while going through the Red Sea? This thought brought me to what I refer to as the 11th hour complex. Just when we are at that place where we know that God can, but the question becomes, “will God”?

We know the promises of God but sometimes it seems like God may not do what we have asked of him. The Word declares “Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven. Your faithfulness continues throughout all generations; You established the earth, and it stands.” Psalm 119:89-90. The truth of His Word is settled and established and will not change, but how do we handle the 11th hour complex?

After all the children of Israel had been through during the exodus of Egypt to get to the Promised Land was enough to cause them to believe God for anything and everything. They had seen God bring them out and not be affected by the plagues. They had also seen Him be a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day leading and protecting them and now they had come to the place of decision.

Do we believe that the God that delivered us will keep us even though we are between the enemy approaching and a great big body of water before us? I’m certain that anxiety and panic ran rampant among them but Moses had to remain calm and in control.

Had he panicked it would have been all over for them. Once the water opened up and the bottom of the sea became dry, I wonder what was the conversation amongst the escapees? Were they still in a panic, screaming and afraid or did they sing songs of jubilation in faith knowing that they would get to the other side?

Even though they were escaping, they were still in the midst of the sea. They weren’t out of the woods yet…or were they? We must understand that in the time right before it’s too late is a place called “you can’t give up now”.

This is when our conversations and actions speak faith and determination. Believe God until the end that He will show up, He will deliver, He will make a change, and He will do what He promised…if you believe passed the 11th hour.

When you feel the fear of the possibility of God not doing what needs to be done, remember that walk across the Red sea, when no one spoke but pressed forward to the other side of the sea. I encourage you today. When it looks like God won’t…He can and He will! Until next time. ©1/7/18 LBW