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The precious gift of time

on Tuesday, 09 January 2018. Posted in Faith

By Leslie B. Williamson

The first few days of the New Year have come and gone so swiftly. It signifies a brand new start for things that we have either put off or neglected to do. One thing is for sure and that is that we cannot put off time. Time is fleeting every second of every day that God allows us live. Therefore we must utilize the time that God has gifted us with.

The best way to do this is to do it one day at a time. If we make our greatest impact each day we live, imagine what would happen? What would it feel like to know that every time you get ready to retire for the evening, you had something that you could reflect on that you played a part in that changed someone’s life?

Rather than focusing on how we can better our own lives for this new year, let’s focus on ways that we can better someone else’s life. Time is also a reminder that we are one moment closer to Jesus’ return to reward His own. Yesterday is over, tomorrow is borrowed and the recompense is today.

We can never regain what got strewn in the storm, but we can start over…today, this very moment is a blank canvas ready to express your gratitude to the Most High for his faithfulness. This new beginning is a time of excitement and splendor.

Don’t allow fear to cause you to lose out on the blessing awaiting you in this season. God wants you to soar through this year with the confidence of His promises to you in His Word. Make this year a NEW year! Every blessing to you all! ©12/29/17 LBW