Wait for it

on Wednesday, 01 November 2017. Posted in Faith

By Leslie B. Williamson

We as believers and Christians use the term “wait on the Lord” sometimes much too often. When things seem to take a long time coming to pass, we say to ourselves or in agreement with others that we have to wait on the Lord. Well I’ve got some shocking news for you!

If you are a believer and put your faith and trust in God the Almighty and His Word, then you will see this term a whole lot differently after you read this message! In the scriptures, we find that we are instructed to “wait on the Lord and be of good courage and He will strengthen thine heart.

Wait I say on the Lord.” Psalm 27:14. But what we fail to realize is the word “wait” in this passage actually translates to the same word that pertains to “like a waiter or waitress waiting on a table or guest”. When we ask God to do something on our behalf or for another’s behalf, He answers immediately.

The waiting part indicates that we have to wait for us to be ready to receive. God has already answered because He is already in agreement with you! He wants that loved one saved and delivered too. Remember, “time” as we know it was created for mankind.

God is not bound or limited by time. He is an eternal Creator and when He does a thing, he happens right then as soon as He speaks it. Remember in Genesis when God began to speak things into order?

Immediately after He spoke, they appeared and obeyed His words. It didn’t take two weeks for the sun, moon and stars to appear. They appeared as soon as God spoke to them. When we pray for a certain thing, God immediately answers. The issue is we need to learn is that there is a process that is set in motion for the desired outcome.

The term, “wait” is what causes us to get into a tizzy because we sometimes don’t have the patience, however waiting as expressed in Psalm 27:14 means in its translation, to function out of position of expectation. Just like a waiter or waitress waits on tables.

It doesn’t mean that they sit in the corner until the customer is done eating, they serve with the expectation of wages tips. So when you pray in faith believing, wait on the Lord.

Not as in sitting and waiting for your petition to finally come to pass, but knowing and expecting the desired result is manifested while you serve the true and living God. While you are serving, you have the obligation to believe that it is already done, nothing wavering.

We are guilty of saying, “The Lord moves in His own time”, and He does, but what is actually happening is, He is waiting on you to totally believe. The Father wants your prayers answered more than you do, but He has to wait for you to whole-heartedly believe and not waver back and forth.

We say we are waiting on the Lord when in all actuality He is waiting on us! Remember, to wait, means to serve while believing the outcome is already done. Every blessing to you and yours beloveds. Until next time…