EdVenture coming to Hartsville

on Tuesday, 30 January 2018. Posted in Good life, News, Arts & Culture, Local News

The start of the new year is always a time of promise. And everyone at EdVenture is excited that 2018 will bring fulfillment of our promise to open a satellite location in Hartsville. But what does that mean for the community? While visitors to our Columbia museum are likely looking forward to a closer place for their young children to interact with others, play and discover new things, and celebrate birthdays, many may not understand all that comes with having EdVenture as a member of the community.

While EdVenture is the largest children’s museum in the Southeast, half of our operations happen outside of the museum. In fact, it was through that community-based work that we found ourselves in discussions with Hartsville city officials about a satellite location initially.

In 2016, EdVenture reached out to high schools throughout the region to offer a powerful youth development program. Hartsville returned the call and the rest is history.

This type of community outreach is not typical for museums, and distinguishes EdVenture in the museum world. Opening satellite locations is a natural extension of this deep organizational culture of community service.

The Hartsville area can expect a new museum for children and their families in 2018, but they will also get something even more impactful. That is a solution driven partner with years of experience working with schools, other nonprofits, government and industry to create experiences that change the trajectory of children’s lives. And we are eager to fulfil that promise.

Karen S. Coltrane President and

CEO EdVenture