Pet of the Week

on Monday, 07 June 2021. Posted in Good life, News, Local News, Features

Please, let’s hug and snuggle together, k? Sadie loves one on one attention and is fast on her feet to make herself at home in your lap! Our youth volunteer found her lap suddenly filled up with our big grinning boxer mix who was looking mighty proud/smug at swiftly making herself at home in this new lap without an invite! LOL. Sadie had a grand time running loose with a male and female dog in our play yard. She has a fun, playful energy about her and really enjoyed the chance to stretch her legs, socialize and give/receive some attention. Youthful and full of life, Sadie has in house experience and understands the joy of being an inside companion pet. With a pre-loaded pet resume, Sadie is wasting her pet skills sitting in her kennel and would surely love to hear from you. Sadie is an 11-month-old boxer mix and weighs 44 lbs. You can call the shelter at 843-398-4402 to schedule an appointment to reclaim lost pets, schedule a meet and greet once approved, or to turn in pets. We are located at 1705 Adoption Way, Darlington.