National Nurses Week

on Monday, 10 May 2021. Posted in Education, Local News, Features

National Nurses Week

Nursing has been central to the delivery of modern healthcare for many decades.

Despite the vital role they play in our healthcare systems, nurses often get overlooked. The need for nurses at all levels and in all areas is higher than it has ever been, which only reinforces the importance of the services they provide. In spite of the great national and global demand for nurses, these angels in scrubs are far too often taken for granted.

Each year, the week of May 6-12 is set aside to recognize the nursing profession. During National Nurses Week, our nation offers a collective “thank you’ for their invaluable contributions.

“Our state’s nurses have never been more important, their work never more paramount, their dedication and compassion never more meaningful than it was and is now, during this extraordinary pandemic that is impacting so many of our lives every day,” said DHEC Director Rick Toomey in a press release which encourages all South Carolinians to recognize our state’s nurses during National Nurses Week. “Please join me in thanking our state’s selfless nurses who risk their own health to protect those whom we love. We couldn’t be making it through this public health crisis without them.

” There are more than 81,000 licensed nurses in the state. Of those, 2,700 are employed by McLeod Health and another 640 by MUSC Health Florence. Add to that total several hundred more from both HopeHealth and Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center and the importance of nursing to our region is clear. And those numbers don’t even include nurses working at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, private practices, schools and more.

The importance of nursing was especially apparent in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Health Assembly designated 2020 the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.

“In one word, our state’s nurses are heroes,” said Dr. Joan Duwve, DHEC Public Health Director. “Whether supporting public health in the community, caring for the sickest patients in the hospital and clinic setting, tending to the scraped knees of our children at school, or taking care of our loved ones in nursing homes, nurses help heal our bodies while touching our hearts. And in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sacrifices these women and men are making saves lives every day. Nurses are truly heroes in every sense of the word.

” McLeod Health, MUSC Health Florence, HopeHealth, and Carolina Pines all have several events planned during the coming week to recognize, honor, and celebrate the nursing profession.