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DCSD offers students option to transfer

on Monday, 16 November 2020. Posted in News, Education, Local News

Darlington County School District families may request to switch to virtual or face-to-face learning modes during the district’s Transfer Application Period Nov. 13-30.

During the two-week transfer period, families who wish to transfer from the Darlington County Virtual Academy to a traditional face-to-face school, and families who wish to transfer from face-to-face learning to the Darlington County Virtual Academy, may apply to do so. Families who do not wish to change their child’s learning mode do not need to take any action.

Students who do not apply to move during the transfer application period will stay with their current learning mode until the end of the year.

The application to switch learning modes is available on the district’s website at www.dcsdschools.org. The application period will close, and no applications will be accepted after 5 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 30.

Once the transfer application period ends, the district will work to honor as many requests as possible based on space available in each school and grade level. Students will be notified in January if their transfer is accepted. All changes will take effect at the beginning of the second semester, which is Jan. 29 for high schools and Feb. 5 for elementary and middle schools. Once the moves are finalized, no changes will be made for the remainder of the year.

Important information for families:
• Families wishing to transfer to face-to-face learning or continue in face-to-face learning should be aware that the district may have to adjust the current six-foot social distancing rule to meet the demand of face-to-face learning. In order to accommodate the number of students anticipated at the schools, the Darlington County Board of Education may move from requiring six feet of social distancing between students to maintaining as much distance between students as possible. The district will continue to require everyone to wear masks on school grounds.
• Families wishing to move students to the Darlington County Virtual Academy should understand that students in grades kindergarten through 9th grade will be required to log on to the Internet during school hours every day for regularly scheduled classes. Students who do not log into a class will be counted absent.
• It is the responsibility of the parents/families to ensure students have access to reliable and strong Internet service, capable of streaming multiple virtual classes.
• Once the transfers are made and rosters are finalized, no changes will be permitted for the remainder of the year.
• Transfers will be based on the space available. Applying for a transfer does not guarantee a change. The application to transfer learning modes will be on the district website at www. dcsdschools.org. For more information, please contact the school district at 843-398-5100.

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