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Foxes beat Bulldogs to remain undefeated

on Tuesday, 09 October 2018. Posted in News, Local News, Sports

By Leslie Williamson

A trail of Red Fox fans found their way to the Marlboro County Bulldog stadium in Bennettsville, Friday night to watch the battle between the two varsity teams. Hartsville won the toss with a kickoff to Marlboro in the first quarter. It was a back and forth situation with both teams as neither could complete anything going offensively. Neither team scored as both teams held their ground.

The snarl of the Red Foxes and the growl of the Bulldogs could be heard on the battleground in Marlboro County in the second quarter. Both teams put up a very good defensive game. With three minutes left in the second quarter, #10 DB Owen Taylor intercepted a Marlboro County pass and had the ball on their own 28-yard line. Hartsville had second down and the ball on Marlboro County’s 33-yard line. With two minutes left in the second quarter, #15 Foxes’ QB Tiyon Evans found #1 J.D. Pendergrass in the end zone for a 46 yard touchdown. The extra point was missed and the score at the end of the second quarter was Hartsville 6, Marlboro County 0.

The momentum began to pick up during the second half where Hartsville received the kickoff. The Red Foxes found themselves inching into the Bulldog territory. Just inside the Marlboro 20, Tiyon Evans danced his way into the end zone putting another Red Fox touchdown on the scoreboard. Score was 13-0 including the extra point. The Foxes’ defense came out and stopped the Bulldogs’ offense when #8 DB Zay Peterson intercepted the pass intended for the Bulldogs on the 45. #3 RB Collins Bishop executed a ground shaking Bulldog tackle at the 12, right before #15 QB Tiyon Evans ran in with a 33 yard rushing Red Fox touchdown. The extra point was no good and brought the score to Foxes 19, Bulldogs 0. With just under a minute on the clock, Marlboro County punted to Hartsville. Hartsville had the ball on Marlboro County’s 47-yard line.

In the fourth quarter there was another loose ball, but this one was recovered by #1 JD Pendergrass. JD went on to score another Red Fox touchdown. The extra point was blocked. The score was Foxes 25, Bull Dogs 0. The Bulldogs drive was on an all-time high at this point in the game. Determined to score, the Marlboro County Bulldogs proceeded with an offensive play. The Foxes sacked the QB but suffered a set back on the play with a personal foul/face mask penalty. This provided the fuel that the Bulldogs needed as another pass was completed for the first Bulldog touchdown for the game and the extra point was good. This brought the score to Hartsville 25, Marlboro County 7.

Marlboro County kicked off to Hartsville. Hartsville had the ball on their own 50-yard line. With 8 minutes left on the clock and to the delight of the countless Red Fox fans, #2 WR Jaivon Hough ran another Red Fox touchdown. #35 K Caleb Caldwell brought in the extra point and gave us a score of Hartsville 32, Marlboro County 7. The clock had 8 minutes left in the last quarter and Marlboro County had turned possession over on downs. Hartsville had the ball on their own 36-yard line. With the clock ticking down to 2 minutes left in the ballgame, #20 Kedarius Jackson swooped in with a rushing touchdown for the Hartsville Red Foxes. The extra point was good and gave us a final score of Hartsville Red Foxes 39, Marlboro County Bulldogs 7.

This week’s offensive player of the week is Tiyon Evans who worked hard to keep us in the end zone. Our defensive player of the week is #8 DB Zay Peterson who kept his eyes open for the opportunity to intercept. We appreciate each of your talents.

Our next game will be our homecoming game in Kelleytown stadium. Hartsville will play against the Wilson Tigers and we need to see the fans come out in record numbers. Let’s congratulate our team on an undefeated year thus far. Keep up the good work Foxes. You make us proud.