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JROTC hosts Aviation Industry STEM Day

on Tuesday, 03 April 2018. Posted in News, Education, Local News

JROTC hosts Aviation Industry STEM Day
Hartsville High School students gather for a photo in front of a Cobra helicopter during a recent JROTC Aviation and STEM Day at the school.

Hartsville High School (HHS) juniors and seniors “flew together” recently for the JROTC Aviation and STEM Day at the school.

The Celebrate Freedom Foundation’s Student Op­portunity and Rewards Pro­gram, along with Aviation Career Specialist from Boeing, gave stu­dents hands-on instruction in aviation and STEM-related courses.

“We hope to ignite a spark in the minds of the next generation and show them the true importance of science, technology, en­gineering and mathemat­ics in the real world,” said Lt. Col. Darryl Tumbleson, senior JROTC instructor at Hartsville High School. “This event introduced many stu­dents to the opportunities available to them in various related careers.”

The school invited all juniors and seniors to attend the event where they learned about subjects such as airframes, aviation power plants, hydraulics and the rapidly growing drone industry. The helicopter and additional drone displays allowed the students an up-close experience to better understand the complex mechanics of helicopter flight.

“This event will give many students direction and inspiration to find a career in aviation,” said Daniel Evans, a junior at HHS.

The Celebrate Freedom Foundation brought an AH-1 Cobra helicopter named “Anne” to display for the event. This particular helicopter served several tours in Vietnam and was restored to its current condition by the foundation to stimulate student interest in the aviation industry.