Pet of the Week

on Tuesday, 03 December 2019. Posted in Good life, News, Local News

Pet of the Week

Handsome hunk Austin! A happy and well mannered fellow, Austin has never met a stranger and always looks forward to meeting new dogs as well as new humans. Austin loves going and doing and exploring. Car rides especially to go snag a cheeseburger at the local Sonic rank at the top of his “Fun Things to Do List.”

Austin is a stronger and larger fellow but very gentle natured. Austin loves being near his human and is perhaps at his best giving and receiving soft pets and nuzzles. Friendly and social, folks are always drawn to this fellow when he is out and about but still, he is in active pursuit of his new home. Perhaps it might be with you? Austin weighs 60 lbs. and is a 3-year-old bull mix.

For more information, call 843-398-4402 or email darlingtonhumanepets@gmail. com.

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