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Tree seedlings still available at special pricing for SC landowners

on Tuesday, 03 December 2019. Posted in News, Local News

The South Carolina Forestry Commission is encouraging landowners to place their tree seedling orders for winter planting while they are still available.

ArborGen’s Taylor Nursery in Edgefield County has 465,000 seedlings left for sale at special S.C. landowner pricing, most of them containerized and bareroot longleaf pine seedlings. Among the remaining hardwoods are sawtooth oak, live oak, dogwood, redbud and southern crabapple, not to mention Christmas tree selections.

“This is the second of a 10-year agreement that ArborGen has operated the Forestry Commission’s Taylor Nursery, and we’re excited about the win-win situation our partnership has created,” said Tim Adams, SCFC Resource Development Director. “Landowners will benefit from being able to buy ArborGen’s genetics at Forestry Commission prices, which were negotiated specifically for South Carolina timberland owners.”

As part of its arrangement with ArborGen, the Forestry Commission releases the remaining inventory of unsold seedlings to out-of-state buyers after the State Forester has declared a surplus. This year, a surplus likely will be announced Monday, Dec. 9, so landowners are strongly encouraged to order their seedlings before this date.

The purpose of the Forestry Commission’s seedling program is to provide a diverse selection of genetically improved seedlings to South Carolina landowners for timber and Christmas tree production as well as wildlife and wetland habitat improvements. Contact Taylor Nursery at (803) 275-3578 to place an order, and be sure to ask for the Forestry Commission pricing.

The discounted prices will only apply to the first 100,000 seedlings ordered annually by each qualified landowner. Landowners must plant the seedlings in South Carolina to be eligible for the discount. More information about the South Carolina Forestry Commission’s seedling sales program, species availability and pricing can be found on the web athttp://www.state.sc.us/ forest/nur.htm.

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