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City of Hartsville Adds Exchange Zone for Online Purchases

on Monday, 12 September 2016. Posted in News, Local News

WHAT: Internet Exchange Zone

WHERE: Behind Hartsville Police Department, 135 W. Carolina Ave.

Hartsville, S.C. – The City of Hartsville has created an Internet Purchase Exchange Zone where the public can safely meet to exchange goods purchased on the internet. The area will be monitored from 7am – 9pm daily. This area will provide a safe space for the public to sell and purchase goods.

The exchange zone is located behind the Hartsville Police Department which is located at 135 W. Carolina Ave in Hartsville. A sign marks the area that is monitored for this purpose. The zone is in a convenient location in Hartsville’s downtown area with security by Hartsville’s police officers.

Items may not be left unattended. The sale of alcohol, drugs, guns, other weapons, heavy machinery, or other large items or equipment are not permitted.

For more information about the exchange zone and its location, please contact Rebecca Edwards at 843.383.3015.