Coker announces “Coker Guarantee”

on Monday, 20 September 2021. Posted in Education, Local News

With more and more students questioning whether a college degree is worth the cost, Coker University announced Sept. 15 its “Coker Guarantee,” assuring employers that a Coker degree means its students have the skill sets needed to succeed after graduation.

“A college degree is the most important investment a person can make today,” said Coker President Dr. Natalie J. Harder. “We are committed to demonstrating that a Coker University degree has real meaning. The Coker Guarantee is our promise to all of our graduates and to those who employ them that Coker students are prepared to achieve.”

The guarantee is a promise that all Coker students graduate with the core skills and knowledge that should come from an undergraduate degree. If an employer finds that a recent Coker graduate lacks those skills, the university will skill them up, free of charge to both the employer and the student. If a Coker graduate finds that he or she lacks some of those skills an employer is seeking from a recent graduate, they can come back to Coker to acquire them.

“Coker graduates are successful leaders in business, non-profits, community service, and academia,” said Harder. “For decades, our alumni have noted that the Coker experience -- from our small class sizes to the personal attention that our faculty give each student -- is a primary reason for their professional successes. We know the value of a Coker degree. The employer who employs a Coker graduate is hiring a strong, committed, effective employee. Coker University guarantees it.”

The Coker Guarantee is a further investment in Coker University’s five-year strategic plan, unveiled earlier this year. Later this fall, Coker will formally open its new Career Success Center, a one-stop shop for its students to explore internships and job opportunities while connecting with industries, potential employers, and alumni who can help students chart their paths to career success.

“A Coker University degree provides true return on investment,” said Harder. “We believe in career development from the first day our students arrive in Hartsville to when they earn their degrees.”