Exhibit opens at Black Creek Arts

on Monday, 10 January 2022. Posted in Local News

Anonymous Ancestors’ is an art installation that is site specific, temporary and spatially transformative.
Black Creek Arts held a opening reception on Thursday, Jan.6 for “Anonymous Ancestors,” an installation by artist Susan Lenz. According to the Black Creek Arts Council web site, www.blackcreekarts.org, “To stand within Susan Lenz’s installation, Anonymous Ancestors is to become immersed in the myriad of family stories handed down through generations. Each snapshot is a frozen moment on life’s timeline. “Letters and words clipped from vintage print material allow one’s mind to wander, envisioning forgotten friends, past holidays, ancient occasions, former cars, and hilarious fashion trends. Yet, all the images are anonymous. The photos come from yard sales, auctions, and abandoned locations. “ Who are these people? Who really knows? They are distant aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, siblings, and in-laws. They are society’s family tree, our collective wall of ancestors.” The artist invites visitors to sit for a moment, browse through the scrapbooks, albums, and altered images. Patrons are asked to use the provided white gloves while contemplating heirlooms. This installation was made possible through the support of family and friends, including Allison Pederson and the staff and board of directors at Black Creek Arts Council; Springboard for the Arts and the Hinge Art Residency program, Fergus Falls, MN; Bill Mishoe’s Estate Services, Columbia, SC; Steve Dingman; all those who have donated vintage materials to Susan’s studio practice; and the many anonymous individuals who stared out of their half-forgotten pictures with inspiration. To preview ‘Anonymous Ancestors,” visit the artist’s web site, www.susanlenz. com. The exhibit will be on display at Black Creek Arts through Feb. 25.