Programs now accepting applications

on Monday, 13 September 2021. Posted in Education, Local News

The S.C. Governor's School for Science & Mathematics is now accepting applications for its free after-school programs, SPARK! and ENGAGE. Apply for them online at www.scgssm. org/outreach. 

 SPARK! is designed to inspire an early interest in and awareness of STEAM studies. In a series of after-school workshops, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders follow their interests to learn the science or math concepts behind daily questions or curiosities. Enjoy activities in the areas of chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, and more that are designed for middle school students and taught by GSSM students.

Students can select any or all workshops to attend. They will be a combination of both virtual and in-person sessions, and will take place through November.

Below is a list of all SPARK! workshops available. Space is limited to 20 students per virtual session and 15 students per in person session.

• Biology: Heredity - Tuesday, Sept. 21(Virtual);

• Spanish: Bienvenidos! - Wednesday, Sept. 22 (In Person); 

• Chemistry: Going the Right Way… and Left! - Thursday, Sept. 23 (Virtual);  • Chinese: Language & Characters - Tuesday, Sept. 28 (Virtual); 

• Robotics: Mechatronics - Wednesday, Sept. 29 (In Person);

  • Computer Science: Coding at its Core - Thursday, Sept. 30 (Virtual);

  • Environmental Science: Can You Save the World? - Tuesday, Oct. 5 (Virtual);

• French: The Science of French Fashion, Tuesday, Oct. 12 (Virtual); 

• Physics: Go with the Flow - Wednesday, Oct. 13 (In Person);

• Government & Economics: Making Money in the Stock Market - Thursday, Oct. 14 (Virtual); 

• History: The Impossible Next Day Delivery - Tuesday, Oct. 19 (Virtual);

• Government & Economics: Making Money in the Stock Market - Wednesday, Oct. 20 (In Person); 

• Latin: The Roots of Latin - Thursday, Oct. 21, (Virtual);

• Literature: The Power of Words - Tuesday, Oct. 26 (Virtual); 

• Chinese: Language & Characters - Wednesday, Oct. 27 (In Person);

• Math: Consequential Constants - Tuesday, Nov. 2 (Virtual);

  • Chemistry: Going the Right Way… and Left - Wednesday, Nov. 3 (In Person);

• Music: Music Theory: Majors, Minors, Rhythms, & More! - Thursday, Nov. 4 (Virtual);

• Physics: Go with the Flow - Tuesday, Nov. 9 (Virtual);

• Biology: Heredity - Wednesday, Nov. 10, (In Person);

• Robotics: Mechatronics - Thursday, Nov. 11, (Virtual);

• Spanish: Bienvenidos!- Tuesday, Nov. 16, Virtual);

ENGAGE is a six-week after-school engagement offered in person this fall to 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students. Early experiences with STEM help to build students’ confidence with new technologies. It is designed to impact students through early interest and awareness of STEM studies. Activities will center on the fundamentals of electrical circuits through breadboarding and electronics. Students will use critical thinking skills and deductive reasoning as they explore ways to create electrical circuits using various materials. ENGAGE will take place from 4:15 to 5:30 p.m. every Monday starting Sept. 20 and ending Nov. 15. In total, there will be nine sessions of captivating STEM fun. Space is limited to 10 students per class.

For more information about GSSM's Outreach programs, please visit www.