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Foxes win another round in journey to championship

on Tuesday, 27 November 2018. Posted in News, Education, Local News, Sports

By Leslie Williamson

It was a lot of rain and a lot of fans at the Kelleytown stadium on Friday night in support of both the Hartsville Red Foxes and the North Augusta Yellow Jackets. The umbrellas that popped up everywhere let our team know that they had full support no matter what and gave them exactly the push they needed to win this round toward the championship.

Both teams were desperate to put another notch in their belt and they definitely showed it in the first quarter. They both did a good job until about five minutes to go in the quarter when Hartsville scored a rushing touchdown on the board.

In the second quarter it was much the same until the Foxes rushed another scoring touchdown followed by a two point conversion giving the Foxes a score of 15 and Yellow Jackets 0. The Jackets recovered a fumble on the Foxes with the ball on their 50 yard line. With under a minute to go in the quarter Hartsville then had the ball on their own yard line with neither team making any additional scores.

The beginning of the second half of the game began with the Yellow Jackets kicking off to Hartsville. #15 Tiyon Evans ran a rushing touchdown that gave Hartsville a score of 22, Jackets 0.

The Foxes recovered a North Augusta fumble with seven minutes to go in the quarter. Once again Tiyon Evans rushed another Red Fox touchdown for the team which gave Hartsville a 29 point lead in the game.

In the fourth and final quarter of the game, Hartsville managed to score one more touchdown with a no good PAT. The Foxes would not allow the Yellow Jackets to score in this game and unfortunately for them, they didn’t. But this win allowed the Red Foxes to advance even further towards the state championship. The final score was Hartsville 35, North Augusta 0.

Right now Hartsville has a ranking of 302 in the state and an overall of 12-0.

Our Shoney’s defensive player of the week is #33 Montrez Williams and the offensive player of the week was #5 Dariyan Pendergrass.

The next chapter of this championship journey will be the face off with the Myrtle Beach Seahawks on Friday, November 30th. This conference game will be held once again at the Kelleytown stadium. Come on out and support your Red Fox team. Go Foxes!