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Hartsville Red Foxes beat Cheraw Braves 57-7

on Wednesday, 03 October 2018. Posted in News, Education, Local News, Sports

By Leslie Williamson

Having won the previous three games, the Hartsville Red Foxes were hyped and ready to host the Cheraw Braves this week. The Braves received the opening kickoff, however an illegal procedure sent the anxious team back five yards in the first quarter of the game. Tiyon Evans received and carried the ball to the 28 yard line for a Red Fox first down. The momentum of the Foxes catapulted when #3 RB June Bishop stepped up for the first touchdown of the game for a score of Foxes 6, Braves 0, however the extra point was no good. There was a fumble on the play leading to a touchback. The Foxes received two more points to the score.

#4 RB Lacy Josey ran a Red Fox touchdown, which had a flag on the play and the anticipated touchdown was no good. With the clock on 3:33, #5 RB Dariyan Pendergrass swooped into the end zone for a Red Fox touchdown, bringing the score to 15 Hartsville, 0 Cheraw.

In the second quarter, the Braves ran a 40 yard touchdown just before the Foxes brought the game to a whole other level when #4 RB Lacy Josey ran an 88 yard touchdown for the home team. Needless to say the Red Fox fans filled the Kelleytown air with cheers of sheer excitement. Shortly after, a fumble was made on the punt to Hartsville from the Cheraw Braves and Tiyon Evans swiftly recovered the fumble and raced into the end zone for another Red Fox touchdown on the scoreboard.

The third quarter was touch and go early in the game with only a few seconds off the clock. Tiyon Evans ran a touchdown only to have it resent due to illegal blocking on the Red Foxes. #3 June Bishop turned everything around when he scored another Foxes touchdown from the 23 yard line. Red Fox score 50, Braves 7.

In the fourth and final quarter, Kevon Haigler stepped out of the gate for a kickoff reception setting the pace for the team. The Braves started out with an illegal procedure penalty on the Braves for five yards. On the 31 yard line the Foxes #20 RB Kedarius Jackson carried the ball to the Braves 3 yard line. #7 QB Deetric Miller pounced on the ball and carried for the final Red Fox touchdown in the game against the Braves. The final score was Hartsville Red Foxes 57, Cheraw Braves 7.

Hartsville had 369 yards of total offense, scoring seven touchdowns by six different players.

Our appreciation goes out to the Cheraw Braves for agreeing to come out to the stadium during their bye week to compete against the Red Foxes. Their sportsmanship and drive were definitely applauded by the Red Foxes and all the fans. This week was a time to regroup after the disappointment of having to cancel the previous game due to Hurricane Florence. Our prayers go out to all the teams who have in some way suffered from the flooding and damages.

The Shoney’s offensive player of the week is #4 RB Lacy Josey while the defensive player of the week is #28 Kevon Haigler. Both players executed their athletic skills and team support during this week’s game. You make us proud to be Red Foxes.

Next week Red Foxes will travel to Bennettsville to take on Marlboro County in the Region 6 opener. Be sure to show your Red Fox support.