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Red Foxes end season with loss to Seahawks

on Tuesday, 04 December 2018. Posted in News, Education, Local News, Sports

By Leslie Williamson

Anxious onlookers were present and accounted for or listening over the radio waves to witness the decision making game in the Kelleytown Stadium once again against the Myrtle Beach Seahawks. This game would determine who would go on to the state championship in Columbia on Saturday.

In the last match against the Seahawks, it was a complete blowout with Hartsville winning with a 36 point lead. But in the words of Coach Calabrese, “It was a thing of the past,” and the Red Foxes had to be game ready for a team that was determined to turn the table.

In the first half of the game, both teams matched the others offensive achievements, however the Red Fox defense was under tremendous pressure and several were neutralized in the positions.

In the third quarter, Tiyon Evans ran a 99 yard kick return for a Red Fox touchdown. Tiyon Evans’ first career start was against the Seahawks back in 2015.

The Foxes had a mature outlook on this game. Senior DL #13 Curtis Thompson is quoted as saying, “I was on the field with them the first time. I know how good and talented they are.” Credit was given where it was required coming from the Foxes. Calabrese also stated that if you were to ask the Foxes who was the best team they have played this season, they would all say that it was the Seahawks.

All in all, the Seahawks were determined to not have another loss against Hartsville and they did indeed make it a reality. The final score of the game was Red Foxes 31, Seahawks 52. Myrtle Beach will go on to play against the Greer Yellowjackets in Columbia on Saturday.

The Foxes have had a stellar season this year and have played some great football. With this game being our only loss, we celebrate our Foxes and are always “Red Fox Proud”. The Foxes would like to recognize all of the support from friends, family and fans this season. Let’s get ready for next season.

The Shoney’s offensive player of the week #57 Lee Prescott and our Shoney’s defensive player of the week was #17 Rod Gattison. Congratulations for your perseverance.