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Red Foxes keep their undefeated status with win over Chiefs

on Tuesday, 23 October 2018. Posted in News, Education, Local News, Sports

By Leslie Williamson

The Hartsville Red Foxes journeyed down to Little River on Friday night to compete against the North Myrtle Beach Chiefs. The Red Foxes entered the stadium determined to keep their undefeated status and came ready to defend their title. #17 Rod Gattison, #3 Collins Bishop and #5 Dariyan Pendergrass pulled together their energy to turn the momentum in favor of the Hartsville Red Foxes. Pendergrass had a great night firing down the field. In the first quarter #8 DB Zay Peterson reached up and intercepted a pass intended for the Chiefs, followed by a 12 yard touchdown run by #14 QB Tiyon Evans with a good extra point making the score Hartsville 7, North Myrtle Beach 0.

Second quarter began with #11 LB Justin Abraham executing a ground shaking tackle on the Chiefs. #28 LB Kevon Haigler proved to be on his P’s and Q’s as he eyeballed an opportunity to intercept another North Myrtle Beach pass. A penalty was called against the Red Foxes placing them on the Chiefs’ 47 yard line. The offensive temperature began to heat up as #15 Tiyon Evans threw a 6 yard pass to #1 J.D. Pendergrass in the end zone for a Red Fox touchdown and a good extra point, bringing the score to Foxes 14, Chiefs 0 with nine minutes left in the quarter. Hartsville went on to recover a fumble and got the ball to the 4th yard line by #3 Collins Bishop. #15 Tiyon Evans passed to #3 Bishop and came just shy of going into the end zone, but a flag on the play (holding on Hartsville) put the Foxes back on the 14th yard line.

The Foxes were determined to score and put the ball back in the hands of #15 Tiyon Evans who passed to #1 JD Pendergrass who received for a 14 yard touchdown pass. Hartsville 21. Chiefs 0. Three North Myrtle Beach turnovers in the first half turned into 21 points.

The Chiefs managed to make their way into the Red Fox territory and made a touchdown. This only proved to be fuel for the Red Foxes. Hartsville’s #21 LB Grant Tucker focused in and tackled, giving #15 Tiyon Evans an opportunity to run a 56 yard touchdown run right up the middle of the offensive line. Hartsville 28, Chiefs 6.

In the latter portion of the game, #15 Tiyon Evans threw a pass to #1 JD Pendergrass who reached up for a one handed catch for the Red Foxes. #7 QB Deetric Miller honed in on the end zone for another Red Fox touchdown, bringing the final score to Hartsville 35, North Myrtle Beach 12.

Since the two week break from Hurricane Florence, here is an update. Senior Tiyon Evans has thrown for 304 yards and rushed for 262 yards and five touchdowns. Dariyan Pendergrass leads Hartsville with 307 rushing yards on only 29 carries. June Bishop adds 201 yards on only 32 carries.

Jaivon Hough (7 rec, 175 yards) and JD Pendergrass (11 rec, 171 yards, 3 TD) are the primary threats in the passing game.

Defensively, the Red Foxes have allowed only 218 yards rushing through four games. Opponents, playing from behind, have managed 505 yards through the air.

Justin Abraham is Hartsville’s leading tackler with 41 total hits and four tackles for loss. Linebacker Kevon Haigler has 33 tackles and Zay Peterson has 28 tackles, three for negative yardage.

The Red Foxes are truly showing not only their talents, but dedicated team work and ethics. As they continue to make Hartsville proud let’s continue to support our athletes and keep them encouraged. The Shoney’s Offensive player of the week is #1 JD ATH Pendergrass and the Shoney’s defensive player of the week is #13 DL Curtis Thompson. Congratulations for your performance in this conference game. Next week the Hartsville Red Foxes will be competing against the Darlington Falcons in Darlington. Game time is at 7:30.