A Thanksgiving to remember

on Tuesday, 26 November 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

The unmistakable smell of Thanksgiving drifted from kitchen to dining room to living room and all throughout the house. After days of planning and preparation, the feast was nearly complete. The table was perfectly set. Dozens of dishes lined the kitchen

Get ready to bury the hatchet

on Tuesday, 19 November 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Alcohol and sharp instruments? Yes, it does seem like a decidedly dangerous combination, but bar and pub patrons have been hoisting pints of frosty malt and hurling darts at round boards for centuries. I myself have thrown a few back while at the same tim

Writers recall ‘Prince of Scribes’

on Tuesday, 12 November 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

The best way for me to describe the writing of Pat Conroy is to say his words had a way of drawing you into his story. Sometimes the words would take you by the hand and gently guide you into captivating scenes of breathtaking beauty. Other times they wo

Tricks, treats and treasure hunting

on Tuesday, 05 November 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Led by the spirit of Halloween and the gloomy gray skies overhead, I decided to venture out last Thursday to do a little mid-morning adult trick or treating. Rather than go house-to-house in search of holiday treasures, I went from bin-to-bin at Bargain

Ghost stories of the Pee Dee

on Tuesday, 29 October 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Ready to get your spook on? In honor of Halloween, I thought it would be fun to share a few ghost stories from around the Pee Dee. There is little or no truth to any of these tales, although I’m sure some out there would swear on their mother’s grave that

Author speaks on code talkers’ heroics

on Tuesday, 22 October 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

It would be hard to misinterpret the unbridled enthusiasm of Catherine Ritch as anything but a passion for the Navajo people. The Stallings, N.C. resident and author of more than two dozen books spoke to a gathering of the Florence Sidney Lanier Literary

The 13 folds of the American flag

on Tuesday, 15 October 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

I learned something new this week while attending a funeral service for an unclaimed veteran at Florence National Cemetery. Having served as a pastor for several years, I have officiated many funerals. At least two have been with military honors. I have

Local authors have works in print

on Tuesday, 08 October 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Three local authors have recently had their work published. James Austin of Lake City had his 16-page book, “Transforming Minds: Turning Setbacks Into Opportunities, Vol. 1,” published by Amazon Digital Services in May. The self-help book is available fo

Fire is no match for farming resiliency

on Tuesday, 01 October 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

By Bob Sloan Editor If you want to learn about resiliency, just ask a farmer. Resilience means knowing how to cope in spite of setbacks, or barriers, or limited resources. The farmer knows how to persevere and endure through hard times. Resilience is a

Hey Sam, don’t discount loyal employees

on Tuesday, 24 September 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

It appears Sam is in need of a lesson in loyalty. When Sam’s Club handed Frank Eason his pink slip on July 17, officials at the retailer’s corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Ark., probably didn’t give it a moment’s thought. One has to wonder what the

Life lessons learned from Route 66

on Tuesday, 17 September 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Like many people, social media and I have a love-hate relationship. I hate, and hate is a word I rarely if ever use, all of the venomous, opinionated, self-centered comments people make without considering for a single moment the harm it could inflict. I

Holy Cow! Iconic sign still standing

on Tuesday, 10 September 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

Making small talk before church Sunday last, the conversation turned toward the ever-so-slow eminent doom of Hurricane Dorian. “Hey Tommy, I’ve got a question for you,” I quizzed a local cattle farmer. “What do you do with your cows during hurricanes?” H

I’ll pass on the chicken sandwich

on Tuesday, 03 September 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

So please tell me, what’s all this fuss about a chicken sandwich? I mean, really? Three weeks ago Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen began selling a new chicken sandwich in its restaurants. Since that moment, our world has not been the same. People have scarfed u

Grill is as legendary as its namesake

on Tuesday, 27 August 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

If Darlington Raceway, the fabled “Track Too Tough to Tame,” had a fifth turn, it would be into the parking lot of the neighboring and just as legendary Raceway Grill. “The Grill,” as it’s referred to by most locals, has been serving meals for as long as

Looking forward to a night with “Guy”

on Tuesday, 20 August 2019. Posted in Columns, Opinions

“I wish I was in Austin/in the Chili Parlor Bar/drinking mad dog margaritas/and not carin’ where you are.” - Dublin Blues, by Guy Clark It may not be the Chili Parlor Bar, but I’ll settle for the balcony of the Francis Marion Performing Arts Center on T
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