All night, all day angels watching over me

on Wednesday, 16 September 2020. Posted in News, Columns, Faith, Features

All night, all day angels watching over me
Leslie B. Williamson Columnist


 Recently my husband agreed to help a friend relocate some furniture a few miles away to a different city. He asked me to come along and “help” him, so I cancelled everything on my calendar for that day and made ready to join my love on this impromptu trip. We left early that morning and hit the highway to find adventure along the way. We laughed and talked and had a wonderful time just reminiscing and sharing with each other. While he was driving and watching the road, I took that time to stare at him while he wasn’t looking. It allowed me to remember why I fell in love with him. When we spend time with Jesus, we too can remember why we fell in love with Him. His loving kindness and tender mercies drew us to His heart, never to let us go back to a life without His love. 

When we got to our destination, we had quite the job, but we took it on like two soldiers making ready for battle. I wasn’t much good, but we got phase one done and made ready for phase two. My husband said that once we got to our second destination that he was going to find help so that we could get home and not be worn out. He said a simple prayer, “Lord we need someone to help us get this job finished”. He said it just that simple. Well when we got to the storage area, we couldn’t find the unit right away. We went in circles over and over again until we figured where it actually was hiding. Once we found the unit building, my husband looked up and there was another unit that was open that had all sorts of equipment in it. Adjacent to it was a white Chrysler 300. My husband began calling out to see if anyone would answer. The car window slowly went down and there was a young man sitting there who had obviously been working. He got out and I could see that he had been doing some type of construction work. My husband asked him if he would mind helping him for a moment and he didn’t exchange words. He immediately began assisting my husband very dutifully. He even brought over some useful tools he had in his unit that made maneuvering the furniture around so much easier. Once he got done, I asked him a few questions and he answered with such a big, warm smile. His skin was like onyx and his teeth were like pearls. I couldn’t help but notice his countenance and I even mentioned it to my husband. My husband asked him for his number, and I took it in my phone in case he would ever need assistance in the area again. He gave me his name and I asked if he were on Facebook. I wanted to tag him in the picture that I eventually took of him and my husband. We were so elated that he was able to help us and we kept telling him he was an answer to prayer. He simply smiled and continued to work. When we parted ways he never looked back as we drove out of sight. And I wondered if he had been on a mission. 

We have tried to call his number and I have tried tofind him on Facebook but heis nowhere to be found. Itwas as though he was waiting for us to arrive when wefound him. He was waiting tobe a blessing to us becausewe believed God wouldanswer. Since then I havewondered if he were indeedan angel. I personally believethat he was. Just as Satanand his demons are manifesting all over the place here onthe earth, I know that Godand His angels are manifesting too! Hebrews 13:2, “Benot forgetful to entertainstrangers: for thereby somehave entertained angelsunawares”.