The way out

on Tuesday, 19 September 2017. Posted in Columns

By Leslie Williamson

I am always fascinated by African American history and the stories of survival and endurance during the American slavery era. The Underground Railroad is particularly fascinating be-cause it took a network of unsuspecting individuals to organize and implement the road to freedom.

Because all this took place before there was the internet and the World Wide Web, all of the information that was necessary was somehow transferred to whoever needed to receive it. In my belief, their mantra was, “by any means necessary”! Any way and anything it took to get to freedom was the road to take and they did just that.

Many of us have said, “I know I have issues”, but it sounds almost like a crutch or an excuse for ill behavior even as Christians. We have two precious pups that sometimes get into mischief and dig their way out of the huge back yard they have to share with nothing but each other, yet something draws them to get out and explore what else is out there. When they get caught, they have to go to their doggy cage and that’s when the “Pup manipulation” begins. The whimpers and the big brown eyes try to talk me into letting them get out, knowing they are just going to do it all over again. Don’t you know that if I were inside a cage and I knew for sure that I could get out and stay out, I would? Well there you have it Believers. We may have issues and be in situations, but there is a way of escape. We don’t have to stay caged up and there is hope for deliverance. There is assistance to get to a place of freedom.

When we allow the Holy Spirit to assist us to that place, we are guaranteed the route to liberation. The scriptures tell us to “confess our faults one to another that we might be healed”. Confess your issues and take responsibility for them. Even though someone else may have been the source of the hurt or betrayal, you don’t have to carry that thing any longer. Confess your ways to the Lord and he will not only heal you, but deliver you. The Holy Spirit will guide and keep you until you reach that place of complete deliverance. I promise He won’t let you down!