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Happy birthday granddaughters, welcome to the teens

on Tuesday, 13 February 2018. Posted in Columns, Opinions

By: Brenda Harrison

The twins, my granddaughters Caroline and Madison, are now teen-agers. The pair will celebrate their 13th year on Feb. 15.

So now my little girls are all grown up – at least they think so. In many ways they seem to be, but then in so many other ways they aren’t.

They are excited with their new status. Maddie feels she is closer to having a car and a place of her own. Caroline is just happy to be moving up the age ladder.

It has been another busy year for the two sisters. Last year on spring break they took a trip to New York City with this grandmother, another grandmother, and their mother. It was their first time flying, first time in New York and first time attending a Broadway show. They loved it so much they are begging to go back.

Maddie thinks she would like to live there. Maybe one day she will. If so, I hope I’m still around because it would be nice to have a free place to stay when I visit the Big Apple.

As they have for the past five years, they spent two weeks with this “mema” during the summer and attended a day camp. Sadly, they have aged out for that camp, but we are looking for another.

We’ve had some fun day trips together. One to Congaree National Park to see the mating of the fireflies, and a couple of trips to Columbia for Edventure and to jump on trampolines at Plex HiWire.

They still enjoy going to see plays at the Florence Little Theatre, They loved “The King and I” last spring and “Beauty and the Beast” this past fall. They so want to be involved in the theater, but don’t live close enough. Unfortunately there’s not a theatre in their small town.

However, they enjoy singing and are both are in the Honors Choir at their school in North Carolina. They are seventh graders now and seem to love it. They were so worried before starting middle school after hearing things they could not wear or do. Turns out their fears were naught because they have adjusted to the new rules just fine.

Caroline who drove the family crazy with her gymnastic routines has switched her passion. She is now learning jazz and tap at a dance school.

Madison is continuing with art lessons and doing quite well. She completed a nice painting of a red barn among trees and flowers which she presented to me and I proudly hung it in my den. Her most recent artwork was a painting of an owl.

Caroline and Madison continue to bring joy to my life. I hope to be around for many more birthdays.

Happy 13th year sweet girls!