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Ingenious items for your Christmas list

on Tuesday, 05 December 2017. Posted in Columns, Opinions

By Brenda Harrison, Editor

While looking for some unusual, but practical, Christmas gifts, I came across some interesting products. Following is a list of items that are pretty ingenious, but are they really needed?

• The Illumbowl Shower Head lets you know when the water temperature is right. It features three colored lights that change with the temperature – red for too hot, blue for too cold, and green for just right. It also has three massage settings, all for $19.99. What is wrong about testing the water by touch?

• A color changing soap dispenser that is dimmable and motion activated. There are eight colors and you can set it to your favorite or let it rotate the colors. Sounds nice, but who needs this?

• A germ defense toilet light that is motion activated. When you see blue, the UV light is fighting bacteria. Okay...

• An Avocado Tree Growing Kit. It includes a bowl for water and a rubber gadget to keep the avocado seed from sinking in the water. It is $20 from uncommongoods.com Why not save $20 and use toothpicks to hold the seed?

• The Negg: a hard boiled egg peeler. This hard-boiled egg peeler slides the egg shell off like butter with just cold water and some shakes. By the time I searched for this gadget, I could have peeled the egg all by myself. $17.95 @Thegrommet.com

• AquaNotes: a note pad for the shower. Is your mind the most creative when you’re in the shower? From book ideas to shopping lists, AquaNotes keeps you from forgetting the genius ideas you have in the shower. Really?

• Remote Control Mop. This product cuts down on your cleaning and turns cleaning into a fun game. Who knew this was possible?

• DipClip: a car vent dipping sauce holder for those eating meals in the car as they travel. No more getting condiments all over your good suit and tie. $15 on odditymall.com

• Magic Tap Milk Dispenser. Pouring milk can be hard. No more picking up that heavy jug, pouring milk into a glass or bowl, screwing the cap back on and hauling the jug back to the fridge. The Magic Tap Milk Dispenser attaches to any standard container top and will automatically dispense milk, juice, liquor, or whatever kind of container you attach it to. Just $6.65 on odditymall.com

• Easy Bath Kneeler mat makes bathing your kids so much easier on your aching knees and elbows. $20.07 on odditymall.com

• Like to make your own sushi? The East Sushi Roller helps you make perfect sushi rolls. And, you can use it for any rolled food, not just sushi. $9.98 on odditymall.com Do you have someone on your list that makes sushi?

• Auto Floss Dispenser that attaches to your bathroom mirror. Simply press the front face of the device and it will automatically dispense a perfect amount of floss. It includes an integrated floss cutter that easily chops your floss right off the dispenser so you can get to flossing immediately. Is this the ultimate in lazyiness? $29.99 on odditymall.com So, do we really need these? You be the judge.