The art of storytelling

on Tuesday, 23 January 2018. Posted in Opinions

By: Leslie B. Williamson

Each day that you are allowed to open your eyes is a new page in your life’s story. Do you actually believe that God would just let you live day after day without a divine purpose? On the grand scheme of things, our lives are like a glob of paint on the artist’s palette just waiting to be used to bring life and beauty to the masterpiece being created. The adversary does everything he can to cause us to believe that there is no beauty within us and if we aren’t careful, we will believe him and keep silent and not express what God has put inside of us.

See your life each day as a story within a story. At the end of the day, read it back to yourself to see what you have accomplished and what you could have done differently. This will keep us accountable because we don’t have time to waste! Today your story may be what seems to be tragic. Perhaps you got some bad news from your doctor. But if you wake up the next day, guess what? You survived another 24 hours and that’s a victory! Tomorrow your story may be filled with Godly encounters and experiences. Write them down and share them with someone to encourage them.

I remember a few years ago, a dear friend of mine had asked my husband and I to pray for a situation. As we were praying, the Lord showed my husband my friend’s house with a huge angel sitting on top of her house, waiting for instruction. My husband had never seen her house before but was able to describe it after having seen it during prayer. That angel was waiting to be commanded to go forth and obey the word of the Lord concerning that family’s situation.

What a story for that day! So beloved we don’t have time to get weary. We don’t have time to faint but we must see each day as a grand opportunity to weave a story from God through our lives. What you encounter each day is not by coincidence nor by chance. God is speaking to you and through you so make yourself available.

So if you work with the public and you encounter a disgruntled customer, think of how your life’s story can make theirs better before you respond. Perhaps you lost some money that you had saved for a particular project. Think of it as a donation to a greater need and watch God prove Himself by giving you favor or providing the funds in a way you never dreamed that it could be returned.

We serve a BIG God who is able to conquer big giants and give you big victories! Your story may sometimes be scary, a mystery or maybe even a comedy but one thing is for sure, it will always be triumphant.

©1/19/18 LBW